With all the things going on this Thanksgiving I have really taken the time to be quiet and choose my words wisely (at the advise of Fr. Matthews). I don’t really think I am doing such a good job at it however but it is a process I know. Being with family and seeing the pain in my Beloved’s eyes that this has caused really makes we want to speak out and yell at those causing the pain. Choosing my words and keeping the peace as it may be has been difficult this trip. There have been a lot of things going through my mind this trip…some of which I will never mention here…but one thing is music. There has been a string of lyrics going through my brain. Songs that reflect where I have been…where I am…and where I am going. I’ve put theme here with links to YouTube videos. ICXC



Jason Marz


Relient K

 The Lumineers

Kyrie Eleison

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