August 8th has rolled around another year. For our friends a joyous and happy time…an Anniversary of their marriage… the day they began their life as one. We were there that day…my wife a bridesmaid just as the groom had been a groomsman in our wedding. Fitting for their friendship…a bond like family more than friend. On this very day…at the very same time…in the very same spot a child we never knew was there was lost. The days following were wrought with first confusion…for we knew not the source of the extreme pain my Beloved was going through…then fear…for there were almost 2 more angels in heaven had it not been for the skillful hands of an amazing surgeon…then sorrow…sorrow for the loss. That sorrow still lingers… for it never really leaves us. There are times when we are all out and I am counting heads… even though I count to 6 [and sometimes 8 if we are watching the cousins]… there still feels like there is one missing…there is. I have subconsciously laughed at that and ignored the real meaning… I suppose not wanting to admit the pain. We go on…day by day…and year by year. Never really forgetting. I know that God had a reason for this…a reason I do not know. Admittedly I have been angry at Him for it in the past…now I rest in the fact that there was a reason and one day…God willing…we will be made whole again.



How Once, You Were You

© Cassi
Would you wear pink or would you wear blue?
I’ll never know
or hear your sweet coo
or see those tiny little fingers,
how the thoughts of you just linger

Does the pain ever end?
Where do I begin to mend..
this broken heart..
from the all pain that it has felt?

All I can ask is why
Why were you given wings to fly
When you had feet to walk,
And a sweet little mouth to one day talk.

How I still fell you,
knowing there is nothing else I can do.
But just remember,
How once, you were you!

Source:  http://www.familyfriendpoems.com/poem/how-once-you-were-you#ixzz2bOrOQRAM

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