It’s the end of an era and the beginning of a new

Tomorrow President Barack Obama will step down and a new President Trump will take office. This process has been occurring since the birth of this nation. The peaceful transition of power is one thing that makes America so great. Another thing is free speech and the freedom to peacefully assemble. With this highly contentious and close election emotions are raw. One only has to look at the news to see this. Regardless of who you voted for, rather you are happy with the choice of the next President or not you do have the right to voice that opinion. That right extends to everyone and I pray that all recognize and respect this. I also pray that they realize that these rights are for peaceful demonstrations, and this right does not allow anyone to prevent through violence another from partaking in their rights. I pray that no matter what tomorrow or the future brings it is peaceful.

I am not naive however. If my tine in law enforcement showed me anything it was the bad side of society and the human condition. That is where grace, forgiveness, repentance, and peace takes over, show grace, forgiveness, and peace in all things. Admittedly I do not always do these things. I know there will be at sometime, somewhere a non-peaceful interaction. It is inevitable, I only pray that overall things are peaceful.

Tomorrow marks the ending of one era and the beginning of another. Regardless if this new era is prosperous and peaceful, or impoverishes and tumultuous I rest in the knowledge that Christ is on His throne. It is not my place to judge anyone for their views or actions, Lord knows I have enough of my own sins to worry about. Regardless of whatever the future holds practice peace and forgiveness.

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