In Memoriam

This day is always especially difficult one for me. Amid the daily grind of work and home there is a pain…a missing piece… that is apparent. It is always there… there is never a time… nor will there ever be… that something… someone… is missing… that my family is missing a member. Today is the day when, in 2008, we lost a member of our family that we never knew.

Amid the celebration of a wedding… a joyous union… of our friends a child we never knew was leaving us. My beloved was pregnant and we did not know yet. The pregnancy was ectopic and there was no saving our little one. It took days before we knew the truth as to what was happening to my Beloved. I almost lost her as well… if not for a wonderful, caring OB with a steady hand in surgery this tragedy could have been worse.

That was 2008… 4 years and 2 perfectly healthy children later there is still a missing piece there. One that can never be filled.


Oh little one how I long to know you,
Oh little one how I long to hold you,
One day I will,
In heaven above,
Till then I know you are held and loved,
By Christ and those that have gone before,
I will be there one day to hold you and play,
Till then I will love those dear ones I have here,
And long for the day when we meet.


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