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I hate cliches but the old saying time flies is true. I realized today that it has almost been 9 months since making the move away from home. It doesn’t seem like it has been that long and then it feels like it was a lifetime ago. It got me to thinking 9 months….that is the time a baby is formed in. From conception to birth it takes 9 months to grow a beautiful child. That is is mystical time that we only begin to understand what happens but for sure God forms a child inside the womb of his or her mother (I hate the term its… IT is a baby…a child of God **funny story on that at the end of the post). During that 9 months there is a lot of internal and external stresses that form that child into being. So many things internal and external influence that child’s development. Did the mother eat healthy…did she drink alcohol…dis she take vitamins…etc. These factors affect that child’s development for the better of for the worse. The thing is it is up to the mother to take care of that child…the child has no control over anything going on to them. As they are born and grow that changes and they begin to have more control and input into their life.

Not too dissimilar to the past 9 months here. There have been many internal and external forces and stresses that have begun to shape me and cause me to reflect on who I am and who I want to be. Some I had control over…some I did not…and some in the middle ground. I have to admit this has not always been an enjoyable time of growth. I have spent a lot of time looking back over my life and there is a lot to be happy about and a bit to morn and reflect. I guess the good thing is that I am still “young”…though I feel 95 most days….and can change for the better. Change is coming rather I want it to or not…I choose to make that change a good one to the best of my ability and leave to God that which I can’t change. I have to take that initial leap of faith the drop into the dark unknown may only be a few inches or it way be tens of thousands of miles…who knows. Allons y



Ok so the funny I promised after a serious post. When my wife was pregnant with our 3rd child I had someone ask me when they found out she what pregnant “What is it?”….To which I replied (in my smart a$$ way) a Velociraptor…needless to say she didn’t know how to respond so I said IT is a baby…a baby girl.


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***Youtube video by Billy Reeder. I have found his Cabin People videos inspiring

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