Peace on Earth

My boys love looking at the stars and dreaming. They love all things space, as most boys their age do, and they love to watch NASA videos. Like them I too was enamored with all things space and wanted to become an astronaut…or at least an astronomer. Of course the closest I ever got was an astronomy 101 class in college to know that I was not cut out for that. It has always struck me though the view of the Earth from space. From up high all is beautiful and peaceful. It is truly the closest to “Peace on Earth” we will most likely ever see. From space you can’t see the fighting in the Middle East, or the torture and martyrdom of Christians in Syria and elsewhere, or the gang violence in the urban streets of America. From that lofty view you see the World from a different perspective. Even the hurricanes and thunderstorms look beautiful. You look at an image of the Earth and you realize just how small you are compared to everything…and you see how great God truly is.

The sad thing is the Earth is not as it appears from space. There is anger and violence, natural and man made disasters, and many more sinful and evil things going on down there. However up high in space looking back on the Earth you see it as intended…a beautiful place of peace. This Christmas season many of us are going to be going out into this world traveling and meeting people. We will be standing in long lines after long lines… fighting traffic and crowded parking lots… we will be getting frustrated with the insanity of the Christmas season that has turned from love to consumerism. During this time lets make the conscious choice to take a deep breath and stay calm. Remember the world as it is from space and do what we can to bring peace to our little corner of the world. It isn’t easy I sure struggle with anger and frustration I know… but for the sake of other and to the glory of God lets be the icon of Christ to the world.


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