Hands and Feet

We, as followers of Christ, are called to be the hands and feet of Jesus and shine His light into the world (Matthew 5:16). I have often been on the giving end of this over the years but recently I was humbled and shown what it is like to receive.

Recently my wife had to be hospitalized due to breathing complications. This unfortunate event caused things in our family to become upturned. With no vacation days at work and needing the money I was forced to go to work to support my family. This left the daunting task of making sure my 5 children were taken care of. We had wonderful help from my parents who took them for a while and then my in-laws watched them over the Thanksgiving holiday.

When the holiday weekend was over my wife was still in the hospital and the need was still there. This is when my father-in-law stepped up to the plate and blessed us greatly. When my mother-in-law went back home due to prior obligations he decided to stay behind and help. He has been a wonderful help with the kids and ensuring that the house is kept clean and we have clean dishes to eat from. What a blessing.

Also during this time a friend posted on a local message board of the need for meals during this time. What happened next was simply amazing. People began bringing meals, even with this busy Christmas season, and kept bring meals. We have received so many meals that we have enough dinners to last us another couple weeks and they keep on coming. This has been a huge burden lifted off our shoulders.

What is so amazing is that most of these people bring the meals we have never even met before. They are just fellow believers that are shining Christ’s light into the world. I have been completely amazed at the giving of these people and the provisions that the Lord has provided us.

Lord, thank you for your provisions. Thank you for this season and your Son who saved us from our sins so that we may dwell with you. Thank you for this wonderful group of believers who are following your will. I ask that you bless them and show them how they are a blessing to all. Thank you for your many provisions and blessings O God.


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